Multi Wan Bonding

As a registered Distributor of Viprinet GmbH, and taking advantage of its modular bonding routers, we can offer you the best multi wan bonding solutions in the market.

Network Security

Secure your network and valuable data with Sophos UTM and Cloud products. As a Sophos certified sales consultants we can help you choose the best solution for your company.

VIP Cloud

Build your own private corporate cloud, on our cutting edge cloud infrastructure, with full control of hardware and software.

Consulting Services

Designing a corporate network is a complex procedure. We have the knowledge to do this for you. Take advantage of our high skilled team and our experience to provide you the most useful one.

Multi Wan Internet Bonding

Until now the only way to get a reliable and high-speed connection to the internet was an MPLS or a leased line from a single provider. Such solutions are very expensive for small companies and they offer no backup route in case of fail. Now with our multi wan internet bonding services, companies of any size have the option to build their own virtual leased lines, from several low cost, wired and wireless connections, and become independent from internet providers. The most important for our customers is that with our enterprise class routers, companies of any size can be sure that they will never be offline again.

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 Fields of application

Internet Bonding is very important for many of the industry and retail sectors. Maritime companies can save huge amount of money using cheap 3G connections when their vessels are traveling near the coasts. Retail store chains, Construction companies and many others can benefit from multi wan Internet Bonding with Site to Site VPN, especially when being online is critical for their business. Radio and TV stations can stream events with HD quality with our Live Streaming leaving back the expensive SAT links.

Here is our Challenge:

Give us your worst internet connections and we will provide you the most stable one to the Web.